Should You Roof Your Home In Synthetic Wood Tiles?

Wood shakes were a common roof material for years. Many homeowners still love their appearance, but wood has a lot of downfalls as a roofing material. It's susceptible to moss and algae growth, and it is certainly not fire-resistant. Luckily, you can now achieve the appearance of a wood roof without these drawbacks. Synthetic roof tiles, which are made to look like wood, are becoming more popular. They are generally made from a vinyl-like material that is injected into a mold shaped and textured like a wood shake. So, should you use these synthetic roof tiles on your home? Here are some pros and cons to consider. 

Pro: Synthetic tiles really do look like wood

If you were holding one of these synthetic wood tiles in your hand, you would know it was not made from real wood. But nobody really gets that close to your roof. From the ground, and even from just a few feet away, these tiles look very convincingly like real wood. They not only have a real wood texture, but also a variegated color like that of real wood. Nobody will realize you don't have a real wood roof unless you tell them,

Con: Synthetic tiles are not really that "green"

These days, there is a big push towards using more eco-friendly and sustainable roof materials. While synthetic roof tiles are not necessarily a terrible choice in this regard, they're not one of the greenest roof materials, either. They're made from petroleum products. They are not biodegradable like real wood shakes.

Pro: Synthetic tiles are lightweight

If your home cannot support a heavy roof, such as a tile roof, then this material may be a great alternative. Synthetic roof tiles are one of the lightest roof materials. They work well on homes with weaker roof structures and shapes. 

Con: Not all roofers install these tiles

While synthetic roof tiles are not exactly hard to install, they are different to install than the more standard asphalt shingles. Some roof companies don't have experience with them, so you may have to call around to a few roofers before you find a willing and able installer.

If you're able to find a company that installs them, synthetic wood roof tiles can be a great option for your home. They are lightweight, impervious to rot, and unattractive to insects like termites. They're head and shoulders above wood in so many ways, and yet, they offer that wood-like look so many adore.

Contact a roofing contractor in your area to learn more.