Flat Roof Maintenance And Repair

Due to its modern aesthetic appeal, low cost, and ease of construction, flat roofs are a preferred choice for many high-rise structures. However, maintaining and repairing flat roofs can be more challenging than pitched roofs because they are more susceptible to leaks. Fact: Flat Roofs Are More Susceptible To Leaks Flat roofs are prone to leaks primarily due to their lack of slope, allowing water to pool on the surface. This standing water can seep into even minor cracks or seams in the roofing material over time. Read More 

How Attic Insulation Affects The Integrity Of Your Roof

Proper attic insulation plays a significant role in preventing roofing problems and maintaining the overall integrity of a building. Below are several reasons why attic insulation is important in relation to roof health. Moisture Control: Adequate attic insulation helps control moisture levels within the attic space. Moisture is a common issue in attics and can lead to various roofing problems, such as mold and mildew growth, wood rot, and deterioration of roofing materials. Read More 

Should You Roof Your Home In Synthetic Wood Tiles?

Wood shakes were a common roof material for years. Many homeowners still love their appearance, but wood has a lot of downfalls as a roofing material. It's susceptible to moss and algae growth, and it is certainly not fire-resistant. Luckily, you can now achieve the appearance of a wood roof without these drawbacks. Synthetic roof tiles, which are made to look like wood, are becoming more popular. They are generally made from a vinyl-like material that is injected into a mold shaped and textured like a wood shake. Read More